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My name is Alexandru Lescau,

I am clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. For almost two years I have been working as addiction counselor and psychotherapist in Promis Clinics in United Kingdom. There I did numerous one to one (individual) sessions, group therapy sessions and family sessions with people having different issues: addictions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.
Before working in England, I worked as addiction counselor in Blue Cross Romania’s inpatient therapeutic community, providing individual and group counseling sessions for people with alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction.

I like counseling and psychotherapy and easily I do use different approaches and techniques, from CBT to psychodrama and hypnosis, combining or adapting them when is necessary first of all for the benefit of the patient.
I’ve been trained as a hypnotherapist approaching change from Milton Erickson’s perspective. My work contains various analogies, images, metaphors and therapeutic stories.


For those of you who are interested about my work,
I would glady answer to your requests or questions at:

+40 733 516 809
Skype: Alex Lescau

allescau at gmail.com



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